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Our Friends Write Good Stories

A how-to guide for turning party guests into content team interns

We partied like it was 2014 during our Big Five Bash earlier this year. We had interactive stations set up for guests to flex their creative muscles, and one of our favorites was the giant story wall.

Our content team needed fresh story ideas wanted to plan a collaborative, storytelling activity where party guests could create characters and then bring them to life. So we hung brightly colored envelopes on a wall, laid out pens and story cards nearby, and waited for the fun to begin.

Want to see copywriters try to be creatives? We’re considering creating a behind-the-scenes video of our content team putting this story wall together.

It takes two

Like a skydiver with a dog that is way cooler than us.

Job: Sky Diver
Peculiarity: Has to have their dog with them
Situational Element: Lots of water around land
Story: Andrew, out for a day of adventure with his beloved lab mix, Kodiak. Decides to go skydiving with dog in tow. With Kodiak strapped to his chest and Go Pro on his helmet, Andrew skydives over Big Pine Key. A wind gets hold of his parachute, and Andrew realizes his only landing pad is a boat named Billable Hours. Andrew, however, being a skilled skydiver, successfully lands in the captain’s chair where he finds the owner has left a key and a bowl of water for Kodiak.

Guests were challenged to create a character, give them a defining characteristic, and put them in a scenario. Think: An illustrator that is color blind…and has a job interview.

Using a good ole-fashioned pen, they jotted their character down on a story card and stuck it in an envelope on the wall for another guest to find. When other guests came along, they could grab a filled-out card from the wall and spin a tale based on that character. How’d the illustrator pull it off? Did they get the job?!

Guests could come back throughout the night to read the story their character received. We got some great ones! And we learned an important lesson too: there’s a storyteller inside of everyone, even those who may not consider themselves writers.

One of our creatives, Korri, is an awesome illustrator (not color blind) and brought some of our guests’ stories to life.

The tale of a gal who swiped right on someone surprising.

Job: Pet Groomer
Peculiarity: Never had a haircut
Situational Element: Joined dating site
Story: Sarah walked into the restaurant with low expectations. Online dating hadn’t been kind to her, but who knows? Maybe this time will be different. Well, then she saw him.”Hey there, howdy, I’m Neil!” He said through a curtain of hair. Seriously, how can he even see her through it? “Hope you don’t mind, but I brought little Tiger along.” He gestures to his perfectly groomed poodle, sitting quietly next to the white linen-clothed table. This is all so bizarre. Really, she should write a book about all of these awry dates. He moved his hair aside and sat down. “Shall we?”

We’ll continue to turn these collaborative stories into an illustrated series and share them on our social channels over the next month or two. Stay tuned to enjoy a funny read or to find the story written for your character.

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