May 2019—Month in Photos ↘

View from office balcony
Big Vision

May we interest you in a monthly recap? 

Level Up

View from office balcony
Employee on office balcony

Everything the light touches is our kingdom. At least it feels that way from our new space on the 16th floor. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, try seeing the world from our perspective. 

New View, New Crew

After our recent upgrade to the sixteenth floor, Kirk joined the BV squad as Creative Director. When he’s not basking in the balcony sun, you can find him wrangling the wild content and creative teams in the office.

Let Me Upgrade Ya

We’re always striving to up our standards, so we got the desks to match. Fama Creations swagged us out with slick, custom tables to work from.

And the Award Goes To …

Alyse added another award to her collection. The Orlando Business Journal named our very own Partnership Director one of Orlando’s Women Who Mean Business.


Our partner, Gibbs & Register, debuted the fresh new look we supplied and had a party to celebrate the occasion. (Can you blame them? Look how awesome everything looks.)

We’ll be back next month with our latest and greatest adventures. If you want to stalk us in the meantime (we won’t judge) you can catch us on Instagram.