Fall Retreat – 2018 ↘

Big Vision

Fall Retreats. They’re a special tradition here at Big Vision.

As October rolls around and the seasons begin to change we take off to north Georgia for time to unwind, unplug, and get to know each other better. Escaping to a different climate and environment helps to bring our attention back to our thoughts and to each other.

We have a big vision for the kind of company we want to be. Retreats are for refocusing on that.

Day after day we create for clients. Always thinking about how to make them successful. It’s hard work. Service is one of our core values. So when we are always putting others first it becomes easy to lose site of what we want to accomplish for us. Each retreat is a few days to break away. Work on ourselves. It’s always refreshing. Our own take on #treatyoself

Why? We’re real people here. Not a troop of robots created to slave away at a computer day after day. Yes, we’re not great at adulting without an iPhone. But hey, at least we try.

So off on another retreat, packed up, batteries not included, we drive north for the rolling wooded hills of the Blue Ridge mountains.

The Cabin

Carter’s Lake, Georgia. A new destination for our third annual fall retreat. With crisp mornings and steep trails, it was the perfect change of pace compared to Orlando’s flat city streets.

Eight hours of getting cozy together with a full array of car games–we made it.

A grand, three-story cabin perched 200 meters up the hill from the shores of Carter Lake. Full of cozy beds, board games galore, and more snacks than a bear could devour in one sitting.

Nick and Joe went undefeated on the foosball table while Anthony longed for the sweet taste of victory.

Sharing the same home for a few days does something special for any team. It’s a special environment to get to know each other in a way that can’t happen in an office. When you know someone, you care about them. And when you care about someone, you’re able to do great work with them.

The Food

Our retreats are down to earth, like our team. No fancy private chefs needed. We cook for each other family-style. And that’s important to us. We care about one another here. And what’s more core to caring than cooking for another person?

We split up into teams, because without teams we can’t compete at random things. First stop, buying the food. Who knows what the employees of that small town Georgia Kroger store must have thought when 13 of us all hyped up on sugary car snacks, stormed through to doors to stock up on our grub.

Cinnamon rolls, bacon, tacos, and burgers were some of the things we filled our stomachs with. And must not forget, Kroger Chocolate Milk. It’s literally the best thing you can put in your mouth. Kroger, if you read this email joe@big.vision. He’d be very happy to have us work in exchange for a fridge of chocolate milk at the office.

We also had Fran’s “Slap Yo Mama®: Toxic Waste” hot sauce had us sweating more than the open fire, but we forgive her. Speaking of food, there was a lot of it. Including a burger eating contest.

The Exploring

What good is taking a trip into nature if you don’t go out and experience it? No good, that’s what. So we made sure to trek up and down as many trails as we could find, while also taking time to relax by the lake and enjoy the cool weather. We hit up the local fair and picked up some cider and doughnuts to boot.

A blazing campfire is always the perfect way to cap off each night. Good drinks and toasted marshmallows–or fire charred if that’s your jam.

This is how we unwind, relax, and get to know each other even better. Except for when the existential question comes up. What is fire anyways? Seriously. If you can explain it to us–please do.

The Creativity

I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah retreats are cool, but did you lug cameras everywhere and take awkward candid photos of each other the whole time?” Of course. Look at these beautiful creatures.

Jacob shows us how to strut like a dev.
Incredible stars by night. At least a dozen by our estimates.
Like many developers, Louis is cold blooded and requires sunlight to warm his circulatory system.
This tree fell over years ago, but refused to die.
10/10 test subjects recommend resting in a hammock by the lake.
America’s Next Top Model™

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Thanks for reading!

— The Big Vision team