BV Interview: Alyse Quinn, Co-founder & Partnership Director ↘


Influential women are getting the recognition they deserve in 2019. Equality is a hot topic on everyone’s mind, phone screen, and television—and it’s an important one. 

It’s easy to think of influential women on a grand scale. With icons like Oprah Winfrey, Sophia Amoruso, Ellen Degeneres, and Sheryl Sandberg in our midst, our society has a gold mine of strong, successful women. It’s not just the platinum hits they produce, but the impact their success has on us that gives them such an impressive presence. Sure, Ellen gives out sweet goodie bags — but all she’s done for the LGBTQ community since playing the first lesbian character on a major TV show is what makes her legendary.

Before Beyoncé transcended beyond Destiny’s Child to become the bop-dropping goddess of our generation, and before T. Swift evolved from country to pop like the cover of an Animorphs book, they were normal people like the rest of us. So, what does female empowerment look like on a local scale?

It’s About Partnerships

For Alyse Quinn, Partnership Director of Big Vision, it’s about being a source of value and solutions for others. 

“Relationships, at the end of the day, are our most important form of currency,” Alyse says. “My biggest recommendation is that you focus on always building relationships. It’s all about promoting a greater good to drive business, your community, and others forward.”

Alyse was just named a “Woman to Watch” by Orlando Business Journal and honored as one of the 2019 Women Who Mean Business. Alyse was also highlighted for being an up-and-coming leader in the community. Here’s why.

Before we get into her thoughts on the matter, let’s check out some of Alyse’s highlights that make her the Beyoncé of our office:

  • She initiates, develops, and maintains strategic partnerships and C-Level relationships with local, national, and international brands on behalf of Big Vision.
  • Alyse has helped build local partnerships and host industry events that bring the communications and business communities together—from student tours to industry events and community meetups.
  • Alyse founded and leads a professional development group for Women in Communications across Central Florida.
  • In the last year alone, she’s volunteered, supported, and sponsored incredible community organizations like Junior Achievement of Central Florida, Heart of Florida United Way, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Junior League of Greater Orlando, ATHENA Women’s Leadership, IMMERSE – Creative City Project, American Marketing Association (AMA), Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA), Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Children’s Home Society, Girls on the Run, The Assistance Fund, Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce, and City Year Orlando. 
  • Alyse and her project teams have won 17 American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) for excellence in advertising in the past few years, including “Best in Show” for Omni Fight Club’s website. 
  • She was recently selected for i4 Business’ Emerging Leaders Award for her leadership and impact through her business and ATHENA NextGen. 

Pretty impressive, huh? Alyse’s passion focuses on financial literacy, strengthening the family unit, and helping kids thrive…in addition to leading 25 marketing and branding partnerships through Big Vision.

Who Run the World?

Alyse makes a point to practice what she preaches when it comes to surrounding yourself with people who help you grow. (That’s probably why we have such a phenomenal team.) Take it from me—it’s pretty cool having the girl boss of your dreams as one of your actual bosses. 

“I feel like this award is part of the ripple effect we, as leaders, are having on Central Florida,” Alyse said. “I’ve never measured success by awards, but it’s beautiful, honoring, and affirming that the community and team feel so strongly. Orlando Business Journal has such a great pulse on the business community, so their recognition has great merit behind it.”

Alyse’s approach rings true to Big Vision’s latest campaign initiative, “Better Together”. When asked what her most important piece of mentorship advice is, Alyse explained that the secret is listening to others and figuring out how you can serve them: 

  • What do they care about? 
  • What are they trying to achieve? 
  • What are they struggling with, and how can you pour into them? 

As you uncover these answers, Alyse says the best thing to do is figure out how you can be a source of value and solutions for others. 

BV Leading Lady

In her work at Big Vision, being a source of value means lots of collaboration with our team, community, and business partners. (Did I mention she called our team a “hotbed of creative talent”? Thanks, mentor!) 

“Big Vision is so fast-growing and the industry is changing so rapidly,” Alyse shared. “We’ve been engineering ourselves to be constantly optimizing and meet the growing demands in the marketplace, to rise to the opportunities in front of us, and always be aggressively forward-thinking.”

And that’s what makes Alyse a woman who means business—she puts all of this into action in everything she does. She uses all of her knowledge, skills, and resources to connect with and mutually benefit others at every touchpoint. With a warm personality and composed demeanor, she’s easy to both look up to and view as an equal. But all of this is the easy part—it’s the time and energy she puts into her widespread reach that makes her a superhero. And it’s not just about being the best woman, but simply being her best self that pushes her ahead.

For the Ladies

What was Alyse’s last piece of advice to women?

“We’ve got to let our light shine, otherwise nobody will know the great things we’re capable of. Don’t shy away from celebrating our successes. Not just our own, but especially other people’s—women and otherwise—be generous about celebrating and encouraging others to lead beyond themselves.” (Insert metaphorical mic drop here.)

Growing up listening to Beyoncé and Taylor, watching Ellen and Oprah, it’s really cool to work alongside a leader like Alyse Quinn. It’s a refreshing reminder that even on a smaller scale, there are so many opportunities and ways to make a positive impact.